Thursday, September 3, 2015

Banjo #3

11" 5-string with Dobson-style tone-ring.
2-ply steamed maple rim.
Raw brass hardware.
Peghed geared, fiddle-peg style tuners.
MOP inlayed moon, stars, and side position markers.
26 1/2" scale length.
12 steel tension hooks.

I've since removed and smoothed the experimental scallops from inside the rim and re-stained. I found that they seemed to cause the overtones of the dobson tone-ring to reverberate with a muddy sound. With a smoothed and thinner bearing edge the sound is clean.

This sound sample uses ground nylon strings (with a steel 5th). Incidentally, the tune is one I wrote on this banjo just after putting it together. The renaissance head is lightly stuffed behind the dowel stick, which is a general preference of mine with nearly all openback banjos.

I will put up a sample of the sound with all steel strings if I get the chance.

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